Three dimensions to build a home.



A home isn’t one dimensional. The process of creating one shouldn’t be either.

We’re a residential building company that’s based in Melbourne.

We deliver original, discerningly designed homes that elevate and enrich ordinary life for those who live in them. With every build we give our give heart and soul. We like to keep it personal, because we believe a home deserves that.

We love what we do, and we want our clients to enjoy the process as much as we do. Relationship is core to the way we work, ensuring we support, and connect with, our client’s needs at every stage — making the building journey not just simple and straightforward, but fun and enjoyable for everyone.



Koray has become known for the signature aesthetic and craftsmanship that’s evident in every building project he sees through to completion. What isn’t always so obvious is the consideration and meticulous approach to detail that he applies from beginning to end of every project. It’s a skill, honed over years spent as a lawyer before his time as a builder, that allows Koray to develop trust with his clients very quickly. Koray’s ambition is to not just deliver a design-led, quality and functional home at the end, but to make the process fun and enjoyable for every client he works with — clients that often end up becoming great friends.